Henry F. Miller Spinet (37″) Piano


Mahogany finish.  Includes matching bench.  A nice-sounding starter piano for a student or adult. (Pictures forthcoming.)

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37″ Budget spinet with a solid reputation.  Made in America by the Aeolian company.

Henry F. Miller is the name of an old American piano maker dating back to 1863. Among the art products of the American piano industry are the instruments of the Henry F. Miller Piano Co. The late Henry F. Miller, Sr., founder of this house, was a fine musician and organist. When, at the age of nineteen, he entered a prominent piano factory in Boston, he at once took a he became identified with the earliest beginning of piano manufacturing in Boston. Having started operations in 1863, this house has always adhered strictly to the highest possible standard of manufacture. Henry F. Miller pianos have received the hearty endorsement of artists, musicians and teachers of high repute.

These instruments have always been distinguished for their artistic and harmonious case designs, and for their rich, full tone.