High Gloss Ivory Yamaha G2 Baby Grand w/CD Disc Player


White Lacquer Yamaha G2 Baby Grand Piano; SN: 4400236 (1988); 5’8″ length; includes matching padded bench. This also includes a custom tabletop lazy susan that can be used for entertaining; pull up a couple of bar stools, hord’oeuvres, and it’s a party waiting to happen!


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This piano is in pristine condition, and has several bells and whistles besides the player system.  The previous owner commissioned a custom table top for the piano, complete with a Lazy Susan for easy service of appetizers and hors d’oeuvres.  In short, the piano is a complete entertainment system!  The instrument itself reflects the quality of the Yamaha ’80s – when manufacturing, materials, and design were at their peak.  The cabinet as well as the action are in excellent shape.  SN: R4400236   Length: 5’7″