Our Staff

Melissa Aycock– Customer Care and Showroom Sales

Melissa is a long-time native of the Hilton Head Island area, having arrived here by sailboat in the early 1970s.  Melissa thought she was just passing through, but she never left! She and her husband Tom have both worked with Herrin Piano for a few years in their early retirement.  Melissa receives rave customer reviews and would love to play the pianos for you as you make a choice for your home, church, or institution.

Ian Lamont, Grant Grace, and John Brainard–Moving and Relocation

They have been called gorillas, they have been called miracle workers.  Our moving men are the most educated, high-achieving, well-spoken muscle men we know. We have PhDs., pastors-in-training, and creative artists who work alongside Jeff to make things happen.  And if they can’t handle it, they are smart enough to hand it off to a crew that can! One call, and our “Staircase Crew” has their backs (no pun intended)!