Piano Storage
If you have a piano that you don’t want to sell, don’t want to put in consignment, or broker (all of which we do by the way!) then you will want to store it, whether for a time or indefinitely.
We have decades of experience in piano moving and storage. You can be sure your piano is in good hands!
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A Little About Piano Storage
All Herrin Piano storage facilities are climate controlled. Your piano is an investment, and we treat it as such. Most storage units are not climate controlled, or charge higher rates for a climate-controlled unit, however they still have cement floors and little to no heat.
Pianos may be stored for as little as a couple days or up to 5 years, depending on your needs. We store pianos wrapped in heavy duty blankets to protect them, and we offer a host of services before they are returned, such as tuning, voicing, cleaning, polishing and repair. Your piano is also fully insured while it is in our care.

Warning: DO NOT store pianos in garages, basements, or storage units that ARE NOT CLIMATE CONTROLLED.
Cement floors and cement walls hold a lot of moisture that will damage your piano. This causes the strings to rust.  It also makes the hammer felts hard, and the tone of the piano becomes “bright and tinny”.  The action will freeze up and keys will stick.
In the winter, the heat needs to be at least 60 degrees. The finish on a piano kept in uncontrolled climates will crack as the wood underneath responds to change. The interior of the piano is changing, also.

Your mind will be at ease when Herrin Piano stores your piano!
Storage Prices :
$35 per month for a vertical piano.
$55 per month for a grand piano.
Over six months — 10% off the monthly storage rate.
Over twelve months — 15% off the monthly storage rate.
Over eighteen months — 20% off the monthly storage rate.

There will be an initial charge to prepare your piano for storage and move it to our facility.

Prices on Additional Services Available.

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