New Kawai K15 Upright SPRING SALE MARK-DOWN!

$4,395.00 $3,955.00

New Kawai K15 Upright Piano; 43.5″ height; high-gloss ebony. Includes bench.

Kawai K-15 Upright Piano

  • Height: 43.3″ (110 cm)
  • Width: 58.6″ (149 cm)
  • Depth: 23.2″ (59 cm)
  • Weight: 431 lbs (196 kg)

Polished Ebony
Polished Mahogany


KAWAI K-15 Continental Upright

The K-15 provides an excellent introduction to Kawai upright piano quality. Featuring a solid spruce soundboard and the highly-regarded Ultra-Responsive Direct Blow Action with ABS Styran parts, this continental-style instrument produces a rich, clear tone with performance qualities that rival much larger upright pianos.