Kawai CA49 Digital Piano (Available for order)

Kawai CA49 Digital Piano; black satin; includes bench.



The satin black Kawai CA49 Digital Piano is an addition to Kawai's Concert Artist series featuring Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action, the SK-EX and EX concert grand piano sounds, an internal recorder, and modern Bluetooth connectivity. It offers many of the strengths of the premium CA models in a more compact and affordable design. The instrument is suitable for the home or studio, includes a matching bench, and can be used by beginners, teachers, or professionals to deliver a realistic grand piano touch, tone, and feel.


In addition to the acoustic piano voices, the CA49 also features a modest selection of additional sounds, ranging from electric pianos, drawbar or church organs, to strings, human choirs, and synth pads, inviting beginners, students, and musicians to add greater variety to their performances. The new Tone Control setting offers 8 selectable presets to sculpt the sound to your liking, while the Low Volume Balance function offers improved touch consistency at reduced volume.

The CA49 is equipped with a metronome and an internal recorder offering a 3-song, 10,000-note capacity, which can be used as a learning tool to monitor your own performance.

Built with a 40W stereo amplifier, two 5.1" woofers, and 2" tweeter speakers, the digital piano features a sliding key cover, an updated OLED graphic interface, a collapsible music rest, and is equipped with a selection of lesson songs by classical composers. Also, the Alfred's Basic Piano Library and Chopin Walzer lesson books are included.

With its natural tone and wonderfully responsive touch, the CA Series CA49 Digital Piano is fully equipped to get you playing, practicing, and composing immediately.


The CA49 utilizes graded Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action. The GF Compact action has been designed to reproduce the authentic touch-weight characteristics of Kawai's industry-leading Grand Feel keyboard actions in a smaller size. The enhanced Light Touch Curve setting is designed to make playing a better experience for young children.


The expressive sound of the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX and Kawai EX concert grand pianos is at the heart of the CA series of digital pianos. The CA49 features an improved SK sound over previous models. Both pianos are faithfully reproduced with full 88-key sampling using advanced Harmonic Imaging sound technology to establish the digital piano tonal quality. A new Tone Control setting offers 8 presets to tailor the sounds to your liking.

Additional Sounds

Supplementing the acoustic piano voices, the CA49 also features a modest selection of additional sounds, ranging from electric pianos, drawbar or church organs, to strings, human choirs, and synth pads, inviting musicians to add greater variety to their performances.


In addition to standard USB and MIDI jacks for connecting to computers or other instruments, the CA49 digital piano also features integrated Bluetooth MIDI technology that allows you to communicate with supported smart devices wirelessly. Once paired with a phone, tablet, or laptop, the CA49 digital piano allows you to enjoy a wide variety of music-related apps that can enhance your learning and playing experience.

Concert Magic

Concert Magic is a feature that allows everyone, even non-players, to experience the thrill of playing real music. It is an intelligent, interactive system that makes playing songs incredibly simple and fun. Just tap any key and Concert Magic will take care of playing the correct notes. You can control the song's rhythm and expression.

Lessons and Exercises

The CA49's convenient lesson function allows aspiring pianists to learn piano with classical Czerny, Burgmüller, and Beyer etudes, or collections of songs from the popular Alfred's Basic Piano and Chopin Walzer course books.

Virtual Technician

The skill of an experienced piano technician is essential to bring out the best of a fine acoustic piano. In addition to tuning, the technician also performs numerous regulation and voicing adjustments. The CA49's Virtual Technician Smart Mode simulates these refinements digitally, with ten updated preset configurations that intelligently adjust various characteristics of the grand piano to match different musical styles.



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