Casio PXS-1100 Digital Piano


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Casio’s technology, condensed into a slim body, delivers outstanding performance as an instrument.



Various Features

  • Built-in Music Library of 60 songs that even beginners can play, listen to, and enjoy.

  • Includes part on and off functions allowing you to mute the right hand or left hand part of built-in songs so you can practice hands separately.

  • Supports a variety of playing styles, with layer function that allows you to combine two sounds, and split function that lets you to assign two different sounds to low and high zones on the keyboard.

  • Includes one pedal jack (damper) and one pedal (SP-3), an essential in piano performance.

  • Digital effects provide sound spread and depth (Sound Mode, Chorus, Brilliance, and DSP).

  • Includes two phones jacks (allowing two people to listen to the performance) handy for nighttime playing.

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