Kawai CN-29 Digital Piano

Kawai CN-29 Digital Piano 

Rosewood and white in stock

Includes Padded Bench

This beautiful digital is brought to you by Kawai Piano Gallery and is currently on display in our showroom. Stop by for a visit at 17 Sherington Drive A, Bluffton.



Kawai CN 29

The Kawai CN 29 B is a digital piano with a good price-performance ratio. The weighted Responsive Hammer III keyboard plays pleasantly and naturally. A choice of 19 tones, including the Kawai SK-EX grand piano and the Kawai K-60 piano, ensure a natural, clear sound. A high-quality speaker system, developed by Onkyo, optimally reproduces the natural sound of the digital piano.

Color: Black, White, Rosewood (white and rosewood in stock)

Connectivity: USB, Wireless

Display: OLED

Features: MIDI Compatible, Recording, Weighted Key, With Metronome, With Pedals

Number of Keys

88 Key


Pedal Effects

Half Pedal, Soft Pedal, Sostenuto Pedal, Sustain Pedal

Sound Capabilities

Multitimbral, Polyphonic


Digital Piano

  • NEW: Motherboard developed in partnership with Onkyo for improved tonal clarity
  • NEW: Speaker system developed by Onkyo, delivering superior sound
  • NEW: Updated control panel layout with modern OLED graphic display
  • Progressive Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology w/88-Note piano sampling
  • Class-leading Responsive Hammer III keyboard action
  • Ivory touch key surfaces, let-off, triple sensor, counterweights
  • 19 exceptional instrument sounds
  • Bluetooth® MIDI
  • Built-in classical etudes, Chopin waltzes and Alfred lessons books
  • Grand Feel Pedal System
  • Modernized key cover appearance


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