Shigeru Kawai SK-6 Orchestra Grand



The components of the SK-6 are as impressive as its premium materials. A well-balanced tone is created thanks to the custom-tapered solid spruce soundboard while power, soul and character come from the piano’s hand-wound bass strings. Concert-length key sticks allow artists to play with precision, while the integrated pin block and overlapping stretcher bar provide exceptional strength and exceptional tuning stability.

The SK-6 model is part of the Shigeru Kawai’s Concert Series, a superior collection of heirloom quality grand pianos inspired by the company’s founder, Koichi Kawai.
Each new piano owner is visited within the year of ownership (COVID permitting) by one of the Master Piano Artisans for a day of dedicated in-home servicing.






The sight and sound of the SK-6 captivate any audience, wherever you perform. Whether it’s a grand auditorium or your own personal studio, the style, tone and voice of the SK-6 Orchestra Grand are perfect for every occasion.

The Shigeru Kawai SK-6, instrument of profound beauty, sits proudly in the middle of the Shigeru Kawai and boasts stability, consistent touch and a rich, well-rounded tone that is the envy of finest pianos in its class.

Length: 7’ 0” (214 cm)
Width: 5’ 1” (154 cm)
Weight: 842 lbs. (382 kg)
Finish: Available in Polished Ebony

Features: Kawai Millenium III ABS-Carbon action ~ “Shiko Seion” hammers from New Zealand and Australian wool ~ Tapered and tuned solid spruce soundboard ~ “Temaki” Kawai-made hand wound bass strings ~ Hand notched bridges ~ Hand planed ribs ~ Thinned hammer shanks ~ Rock maple and mahogany rim ~ Bird’s eye maple inside rim ~ Agraffe duplex scale ~ Aluminum action rail ~ Nickel plated tuning pins ~ Solid brass hardware ~ 10

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